At Blue Line Security Systems Inc, we understand that security is the number one priority. We provide a customizable physical security solution for your business and personal needs. When choosing a security company, you want to make sure that 

you have the best kind of security. Having a police background in management has helped us prepare an extensive and thorough background screening to make sure that we provide the best available. A full detailed risk assessment is completed on every employee. All of our security officers have ongoing training to assure the best security. We find it pays to have high standards, and that is something you will notice and certainly agree with.

                Retail                                           Government                                        Financial                                          Residential  
                                                                       Industries                                          Institutions 

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers 
Available uniformed or plain clothes for discreetness 

Patrol Services
Specialized guards in marked vehicles that go to retail, commercial and neighborhood locations, some tasks include

  • Securing the perimeter
  • Assure safety for employees, guests, products and other assets at your locations
  • Lock and unlock access points
  • Freguently report any activity in the monitored areas. 

Personal and Work Place Protection
The general presence of a uniformed guard increases employee and visitor comfort, as well as deter any potential crime threats.

  • Visitor Management - assuring that everyone signs in or checks in before entering the building
  • Vehicle Entrance Management - Monitoring traffic through entrance points

Alarm Response 
We have a 24/7 dispatch that is available to have a guard dispatched to address any issue and secure the premises. 

Armed Personal Escort
The Blue Line Security guards are available for a variety of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Protecting and monitoring ATM Technicians
  • Visiting nurse services
  • Indivuals and many others to maintain safety.

Special Events and Festival
Our security guards work well under pressure and can keep their composure during stressful situations. They should be able to identify threats quickly and act accordingly on their instincts.

  • Monitor the Event - Security guards monitor the people at the event to ensure that all the rules are followed and everyone remains safe. The guards are there to maintain and provide a sense of protectioin to the attendees and staff. 
  • Maintain Order - Events tend to get crowded, and so the guards are there to maintain order throughout the event, which often includes directing foot traffic so there is no issues with crowds. In the event of a disturbance that requires evacuation, event security is there to maintain order and assist in the evacuation quickly and safely. 

Industrial                                                  Educational                                  Healthcare                                                  Personal 

Areas that we specialize in